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Thread: Hello from UK - and limited mobility questions!

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    Question Hello from UK - and limited mobility questions!

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    Hello & greetings everyone! I'm from England and just came across the website today. The nutrition advised here makes real sense to me - and I'm already making plans to further 'primal' my diet!

    I'm a big lady but up until 2005 I was kinda healthy big as I kept very active but I ended up having spinal disc surgery x 3 which left me a disabled left leg (severe parasthesia) and limited mobility and exercise abilities (ie I can't seem to run now as I just fall over). Although I live in a great rural village area we do live on a low income and it's even hard to get to a swimming pool locally.

    I have also gained weight, up to a BMI of 40.2, and now my regular bloods are showing a precursor to metabolic syndrome (a pre-pre-warning to Diabetes II)

    I already had PCOS since teens - and regular cravings & blowouts for carbs. I sometimes experience hypoglycaemic symptoms when really hungry.

    My husband is from south Asia (Nepal) and I found the basic 'basmati rice-vegetables-dal (pulse soup)' kept me fairly stable when I've been there but I crave and I indulge.

    I used to smoke (from age 19-29 regularly and again age 35-41 spasmodically) and have managed to give up but as Nicotine is an appetite suppresant, I am really feeling hunger even after a eating a 'normal' meal 3 hours ago!

    Basically I'm a health time-bomb and I know my upbringing and past choices have really contributed but I've also got some bad genes and had bad luck.

    I have high blood pressure (treated by meds & hibiscus tea), permanent disability, PCOS, warnings of metabolic syndrome - I wonder if it's too late, now I am 42.

    I'm thinking that at least if I can eat really healthily that will improve my life even if I don't lose any/much weight...

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    I'm new here too but I just want to say its never to late!!! I am 45 and am hoping that the primal lifestyle will make the rest of my years on earth better than the last 45!!!

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    its definitely not too late. I think i'm older than you and further along the ill-health rocky road. i also have had PCOS, am also diabetic on meds and have cancer. After 2 1/2 weeks of this lifestyle I've lost 12lbs. blood glucose is already stabilising and i feel 20 times better. I'm not well enough to exercise yet- I only went back to work on Monday but that can wait till I'm feeling better and have lost some more weight.
    I find it inspiring here - this forum isn't full of the uber fit guru type just ordinary people many of whom have had problems but have turned their lives around. I think its brilliant and intend to be one of them. I hope you do too I suspect it will be well worth it

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    Have you talked with your doctor about upper body stuff that wouldn't be too hard on your back? Maybe small weights? Since you've had disc surgery it's not something to mess around with and a physical therapist might be able to give you the best advice. The last thing you want to do it hurt your back again.

    After my mother had back surgery she was given a bunch of exercises using resistance bands and an exercise ball by her physical therapist.

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