Hi everyone,

My first post so please be gentle! I started going Primal 8 days ago, I'm so glad I found out about Primal, I've been going round and round in circles for years yo-yoing with my weight, wondering why I don't lose when I should etc, I've tried all manor of diets, so I'm really hoping Primal is THE one. I certainly feel safe on it and am enjoying it.

Anyhow, this leads me to my question... Wasn't sure if this was the place to ask so please point me in the right direction if not! I started losing weight from day one, only a quarter of a pound a day, until the weekend when I lost 2lb each day. I was also ill on Saturday evening (had a small creme brulee and half a bottle of wine and was sick! My first and only naughtiness since starting) and of course on Sunday weighed in lower so I was very pleasantly surprised. However, over Monday and tuesday I have gained those two pounds... I am putting everything I eat into My Fitness Pal so I can monitor carbs and I'm coming in around the 50g a day at the moment. I know you will all shout at me for weighing everyday, but this is how I roll... Always have, always will! Has anyone else had experience with this? I know not to expect miracles overnight and I'm hoping to be Primal for the long haul, but I can think of no other explanation for this gain - I was sick only the once? Sorry if TMI!

Thanks for any replies.