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Thread: 3 meals a day/IF/Intuitive Eating

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    3 meals a day/IF/Intuitive Eating

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    I wonder how many of you have been successful either eating regular meals with occasional IF's, or just eating what you feel like (Primally of course) when you're hungry until satisfied (aka intuitively)? Thoughts? I don't think one way necessarily works for everyone and am still in experiment mode.

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    I eat intuitively, it just happens that I get hungry at around 8:30/9 then again around 1/1:30 and then 6/6:30. I don't eat my breakfast until I'm hungry in the morning and the rest of the day follows from there in a three meal format but I don't have set times by any means.

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    I usually only eat one or two meals a day, but never breakfast. I only get hungry after around 2PM. Usually it's one meal nowadays since I'm inactive.
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    I eat intuitively and that leads to IF some days.

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    i eat wen im hungry. but lately my non-pb husband has been pissy about breakfasts so i have to make him something in the morning (still make it pb style heh he can put his own damn toast in the toaster) and smelling it and seeing it makes me want it. but when he is out of town working, or leaves for work really early in the morning i can go almost to dinnertime without feeling hungry at all.
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    Christine, sounds cool. So do you not snack much then? Not out of rules but cause you actually don't want to?

    Norcalgal, I could never not want good smelling food (especially toast) when I see/smell it! Impossible...

    I guess it's a weird thing, building up a new way of eating from scratch. I suppose we all have to try different things and find out what works best for us individually in the end. Or something.

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    I eat intuitively. But the frequency of my meals correlates directly with my macronutrient ratios.

    If I eat 70-80% fat, definitely 1 meal at around 2-3pm will last me the whole day.

    But if I eat more protein and less fat, I will get hungry by around 9pm of my 1st meal is at 2-3pm.

    Only carbs I eat are veges and berries, so that's pretty constant.

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