Posted this earlier on Jack Kruse site, thought I'd share my thoughts here too.

Recently Iíve been doing a lot of reading, books and internet articles on diets etc. with a view to lowering my ever increasing cholesterol, and trying to stop or reverse my slightly furred up carotid artery, see here:


I have read the Starch Solution, Eat to live, and various other books that believe a lower-fat, higher carb, plant based diet is the way to go for longevity and lowering cholesterol.

What interests me while reading these books, is they are the exact same format as the Primal Blueprint, the Paleo solution, Low carb living etc. whereby they frequently cite studies to back up their proposals to a healthy diet.
They are also littered with success stories throughout, as do the Paleo books, like Ďhow I lost x poundsí or ĎHow I lowered my Cholesterolí etc.

Itís the same with articles on the internet, they all contradict each other, some say high fat/low carb, some high carb/low fat, some in between. It makes your head spin trying to fathom out whatís the best way to eat!

So how does one decide which diet to choose?! Iíve been low carb/high fat for 3 years now, and something isnít right with my cholesterol as high as it is, and with the furring of my artery, Iím worried!

I recently have gone lower fat, higher carbs, 150-200g p/day, in the form of sweet potatoes, some legumes and oats(both have been soaked overnight), and 3-4 pieces of fruit a day.
Iíve cut down on butter, eggs, cream and meat in general.
I have also up my veg intake considerably.

Maybe Iím one of the small percentage that doesnít do well on high fat diets.?!

Iím now reading Nourishing Traditions, what are the views on this book?
Seems to be more of a balanced approach to diet, not favouring higher fat or carbs in particular.