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Thread: The Impact of One Paleo Meal a Day

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    The Impact of One Paleo Meal a Day

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    For the last three months, I have been cooking paleo dinners for the guy I've been seeing. I think his diet mainly consists of meat and processed carbs when I'm not around. I'm really wow-ed by the changes just one meal has made - I'm not sure of his weight but it is obvious that he's lost quite a bit of fat and gained muscle. He also has noticed that he sleeps a lot better at night, and is less hungry in the morning (although he still eats a SAD breakfast of waffles, cereal, etc., just less). Although he hasn't come around to paleo entirely, at least I'm teaching this 30 year old man to like vegetables!

    Curious as to whether anyone else has a SAD/CW person in their life who seems to have improved just by the meals they share with you. :-)

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    Yup --- my husband isn't Paleo/primal --- but what I cook for dinner is - so he has no choice. Improvement? Not so much, cuz when he's at work he eats whatever he wants. He is trying to lose some weight so he's trying to be "better" - but he still eats a lot of grains and bad oils. I don't know if he'll ever make the commitment to change completely. He says he really enjoys the dinners I make so that's a plus!
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    My uncle eats everything, but separates certain foods from others. He read an article in which it was suggested that the enzymes released to digest meat cannot be released at the same time as those that digest things such as potatoes or bread. Through simply splitting up things he ate, he has lost over 70 pounds.

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    My boyfriend. He thinks he's always been mostly primal, but not really. When I met him he was eating lots of KFC and God knows what else. His favorite food is still tortilla chips. I keep a gluten-free household and rarely do I serve something that is off-program for me. Since moving in, he lost 30 pounds, but the fact that he tends to go light on meat means he has trouble putting on muscle.

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