Hey guys! I have been eating a primal diet for the past month or so. Before I was eating fairly cleanly but with grains, etc. I have already seen/felt wonderful benefits like the constant bloated feeling I had before gave way to a flatter stomach. I'm fairly active with HIIT style workouts or 1.5 hour yoga sessions about 5 days a week. I try to walk a lot too. My goals are to be happy & healthy and hopefully get rid of the last of my stubborn belly fat.

I have no problem eating CW "healthy" fats like avocados, coconut oil, nuts, oil olive (on salads), even fattier cuts of quality meats, but I have not broken down and purchased grass-fed butter or tons of bacon. I have a mental hang-up eating things that we have always been taught are "bad" even though that does not appear to be true.

Did anyone have this issue when they first started? I am making arguments to myself like "hey, if you fry some bacon & only eat it on salads you will eat & enjoy more nutritious salads." I've been frying my food in coconut oil for the most part but want to incorporate some butter.

Another question I have about this lifestyle is if men & women should be eating differently as our bodies metabolize things differently & are designed to store more fat than men's.