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Thread: Still (subconsciously) afaid of some fat

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    OMG! Why on earth was I not eating butter before?! So yummy...conquering the fear. Haha.

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    Bacon is usually CAFO, anyway. Macros are great, but quality is low. I agree on eating wild animals, or as close as you can get, most of the time.

    Agree with the above! Juts because fats are very good for you and safe to live on doesn't mean you need to make it a point to eat tons of fat. I do, but that's just because it works very well for me!
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    Don't need to eat "tons of bacon" - if you're going to eat it then 2 pieces a couple of times a week is plenty (IMO).
    Yeah it tastes nice and great with salad or scrambled eggs with butter (actually everything tastes better with bacon ) - I personally wouldn't go nuts with it though, its a processed food with preservatives and numbers etc.

    Butter is good to cook with - don't have to eat a slab of it (just use it normally).

    If you can cope with coconut oil - well butter is actually has LESS of the 'scarey' saturated fat
    You're doing fine - eat a bit more fats for energy and drop the grains.

    As health improves and the foods taste better, the unfounded fears disappear quickly.

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