I am a little at a loss and puzzled by my body at the moment!

After being primal for 3 months now it appears I am getting in worse shape than better. In the beginning of going strict primal (I have always eaten healthy/ organic/ low carb and sugar) I saw great results- more energy, slimming down, less cellulitem great skin a general extra pep in my step woo!

But then things started a downward spiral after the first 2 months- I have gained a lot of weight, my cellulite is worse than it ever was (worse than on SAD!) and has started to come up even in places I never had it before. I get really tired after every meal, my skin is breaking out and my energy is minimal.

Bloodwork wise I am fit as a fiddle... what happened?!
Is it too much meat?
Too much fat?
Too long in ketosis? (I found I had much less cellulite the less meat I ate before)

Any comments or advice would be so so appreciated! Loving the lifestyle but not feeling the benefits

- Primally Puzzled