So, what "foods" have stopped looking like Food to you?
This isn't necessarily a signal of anything but habit (to someone with pica, paper is food, to a long-term raw-vegan, meat is not), but it's still interesting to look at.

List "food" that no longer captures your attention/interests you/produces cravings, "food" that still does and Food that you're yet to come to terms with. Maybe along with Primal versions of "food" that provides the fix?

"Food" that isn't Food:
-fizzy drinks
-juice (I don't MIND it, it just doesn't bother me either way)
-normal chocolate

"Food" that's still desired and replacements:
-chips (I have them sometimes, but will usually tallow-roast potatoes instead)
-pizza (it seems to just be a cheese craving)
-carrot cake (I just have spelt-flour carrot-cake sometimes)

There isn't any Primal food that I am yet to come to terms with, but cutting back dairy is kinda hard. I really miss it, even if there are no cravings. On the other hand, I feel quite a bit better on reduced lactose. Hey ho.

Your turn!