Hey everyone! I'm a 26 year old graduate student in New Orleans and have been primal for about a month now. I have seen great results already. I feel and look a lot leaner. I am not overweight but would like to tone up my lower ab area a bit. The constant bloated feeling has left. It wasn't that difficult to make the transition as I was eating pretty clean and low carb. The difficult part for me is when I go out with my friends. I try to stick to a cider or red wine but sometimes I end up with a vodka soda. I think life is about balance and since this is a lifestyle I try to be flexible. I'm also struggling when my friends want to grab dinner somewhere. Sometimes the food will now 1) make me feel sick or 2) I don't want anything on the menu or what would be the best choice is not on my grad school budget. I've been pretty good at avoiding eating out.

Before I always ate about 5-6 small meals. I like the idea of eating when I'm hungry but old habits die hard. I tend to plan when I am home to eat because I know that when I leave my home I will get hungry and make not-the-best decisions. I used to eat a lot of protein bars/nut bars but they were processed and still contained gluten products. So I have now made up baggies of cashews, almonds, a few dried cherries & a few dark chocolate chips. I eat one of these a day usually between classes.

For exercise I try to get some good walking in out in the Louisiana sunshine if I have time and a WOD usually a HIIT style workout (Bodyrock style or DailyHiit as it's called now) a few times a week. Lately I have found a yoga studio that I really enjoy and I need it more mentally/spiritually than physically. I feel taller (which is not necessary seeing as that I'm 5'11), more flexible and more balanced in general. I am focusing on beating or at least coming to terms with my struggle with long-term depression/anxiety. Yoga is part of my (self-imposed) treatment

I hate tracking every little thing I eat and counting calories since I truly believe that not all calories are created equally. Here's an example of what I eat/workout times:

9 am: core workout

10 am: Breakfast: egg fried in coconut oil, green smoothie consisting of 1/2 c light canned coconut milk, 1/2 banana, handful of greens usually spinach, tsp chia seeds, amazing grass chocolate flavored green powder, & a few frozen berries

12 pm: Snack: 2 dark chocolate squares dipped in 2 tbsp natural almond butter

2 pm: Lunch: turkey burger made out of spices & ground 85/15 turkey, 1/2 avocado, 1/4 orange bell pepper

3:30 pm: coffee with almond milk

5:15 pm: Dinner: shrimp & stir fry veggies fried in coconut oil with a small amount of soy sauce

6:00 pm: 1.5 hrs yoga (not super intense) but my lower back feels tweaked)

7:45 pm: the rest of my dinner I didn't finish

9:30 pm: baggie of almonds, cashews, a few dried cherries & a few dark choc chips