Short Version: Eggs cooked 'sunny side up' gave my food poisoning. I guess they were undercooked somewhere on the sunny side?

Long Version: After hours of throwing up, I finally stopped after the eggs I ate for LUNCH yesterday. I can deduce that they were indeed the cause of the problem.

Anyone know what I did wrong? I cooked 'em on a pan, over medium heat, until the top side turned solid (rather than clear). Egg whites were solid. Yolks were half liquid, half solid (I suck at cooking). Sunny side up attempt left me not on the sunny side.

Should I maybe wash them off first? Is it possible that there was something yuck-to-eat on the shell?

Scrambled eggs from now on; I'll miss dipping my bacon in the yolk. But this was too many hours of hell to want to risk it again.