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Thread: Eggs and Food Poisoning?

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    Salmonella is found on the outside of eggs. So yep, if they are contaminated, it's from the outside and then it gets contact with the inside and can make you sick. The boiling would definitely take care of the problem. Also, you can just spray each egg with a little bit of vinegar/water solution and then wash before breaking them open and that should fix the problem as well.

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    I have eaten fully raw eggs occasionally for years and never had a problem. (put them in shakes/smoothies). I typically have no fear, salmonella is not very common and it should be only on the outside I think. To be ultra anal you could indeed wash them but bacteria are tough buggers so really only a bleach rinse will actually kill them, but that is gross and overkill imo. Perhaps a rinse in vinegar will help. It might be better to boil them as you are doing; if it was me I would just switch brands/sources of eggs. But you should definitely also report the problem:

    If you truly believe the eggs made you sick, you should contact the local health department and notify them of what happened; you should be able to tell them the brand, the date purchased, where purchased, there might be a lot number on the box, and better yet, provide them with some uncooked eggs in the original carton. Or if they were from a local farm same think, notify the health dept so they can investigate conditions on the farm.

    This is a public health issue. A bout of food poisoning is just a nuisance to a healthy person, but could be potentially life-threatening to an immunocompromised person (very young or very old persons, cancer or transplant patients, etc). I strongly urge you to follow this up by officially notifying local health authorities and hopefully prevent other people getting sick from these eggs. Here's a link I dug up since you are in WA:

    Food Complaints
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