Is it me or is anyone else sick to death of all the 5 hour energy commercials all ready. If I see that putz on tv claiming how 5 hour energy is better then coffee because it has vitamins and nutrients I'm gonna puke. Last time I checked coffee is something that is real and found in nature I don't recall hearing tales of our ancestors gathering to kick back enenergy shots. Maybe if this country wasn't so fat and lazy from eating healthy foods like rice cakes and foot long subs with less then 6 grams of fat we wouldn't need energy shots. As far as 5 hour energy what vitamins and nutrients does it really have. Fruity Pebbles have vitamins and nutrients so I guess they are healthy. And one final thing , coffee tastes really good. People sit back and enjoy a nice hot cup,of coffee. It is much more enjoyable then a shot of chemical stimulant garbage in a little plastic bottle