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Thread: Naked Protein Zone Smoothie...Just how unhealthy is it?

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    Naked Protein Zone Smoothie...Just how unhealthy is it?

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    Normally, I stay away from all drinks except water. I never buy any sport juice or even "health" juice b/c they're basically a sugar laden soda. But, instead of cheating with ice cream or chocolate, I sometimes get this protein zone drink, as a treat.

    At least is says "No sugar added" I know it's not exactly good for me, as far as carbs/glycemic load, but just how good or bad is this particular drink? 68 grams of carbs, but does it matter that it's from fruit and not just raw sugar?


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    It's practically pure sugar, with whey and soy protein thrown in there. They haven't added sucrose (table sugar), but the juice is essentially pure fructose.

    Have an apple and a piece of cheese.

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    That's also 440 calories in a very easy to slurp down form. 440 calories could be a whole meal of nutrient dense food that would keep you full.

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