Hope that link works? It's to my first few questions and discoveries, with the aid of my Helper In Chief, Cryptocode, to whom I had something very important to say about liver yesterday, but now cannot remember...

So, a journal should start somewhere, but since I've experienced it all once already, it's a bit dull for me now - abridged version then:

- discovered paleo site whilst idly browsing for something else
- long been sick of bloaty stomach, bloaty mind, bloaty willpower, bloaty disinterest in general - and that was on mainly potato and rice, not really eating much bread or pasta at all
- read through all the success stories in one night AND - and this is the important bit - AND what struck me most was not the weight loss (I'm a bit meh as far as weight goes), but the sense of life and vigour that just barged out of those stories
- never having been one to sneer at someone else's evangelicism, I thought rather wistfully that I would love to have some of that oomph.

So about three weeks ago (sorry, not good at counting time, carbs, weights etc etc) I went thoroughly paleo, but including cream, butter and cheese. And about two weeks and three days ago I started feeling rather wonderful, and have been feeling better and better every day since, until it's unusual now to see me without a smile on my face. Except yesterday. Yesterday I spent being violently sick. Nothing to do with paleo though, just been a greedy cow on the foraged goods. Hugely better today.

Apart from a mild few days of carb light-cold-just-a-few-sniffles-really/NOT 'flu, I have not stopped feeling energetic, cheerful, more present physically than in years - as though I've taken full body earplugs off and can hear, see and touch more vividly than before. I leap home from work to scour the house and garden for more things to do, whereas I used to crawl in and collapse in front of the fire with a bottle of wine and not move until bedtime. I can even do a full day's weekend gardening work - digging, planting, pruning, ivy-wrangling, mowing - then get home and bounce outside to cut my own lawn at eight in the evening. Just bonkers, truly bonkers. No blood sugar slumps, no crashes, just energy, energy, energy. And when I do get hungry and stuff my face, there's no sleepy patch afterwards - just even more energy. It has to be magic, has to be.

Downsides: I thought for a moment this meant a free pass to eating as much as I wanted. An unfortunate trip to the cheese counter proved that theory to be wrong last week. I have to limit my cheese. I am allergic/intolerant/whatever to eating cheese by the kilo. Dammit.

That's it on the downsides.

My body shape has definitely changed. I don't own scales so I can't be sure, but I think I was about 9 stone (about 125lbs?) - UK size 10 anyway. A classic skinny/fat (just discovered that term), where fully clothed I looked slim, unclothed, I looked a bit more... bulgy. I don't think I've lost much weight, but I think the outdoor work I do has given me more muscle on my new eating habits, and certainly a lot, a LOT, less fat - I'm now in my UK size 8 jeans (a US size 4, I think?) and they're fairly loose fitting - fully clothed I don't look too different, but unclothed I look... well... sleek! No other word for it. Sleek and slightly don't-mess-with-me looking. Excellent.

So there you go. It IS magic. I have been trying to calorie count and macronutrient track - I have not done so well as I should, being too low on carbs and too high on fat and calories. I think I will probably end up going for a wild stab at the correct amounts and then trying to even it out over the week, rather than get the correct proportions of everything, every day. Some days I'm just ravenous for green stuff and wrinkle my nose at the smell of meat. Some days I just want steak steak steak and can't see the point of a vegetable. Although I do not yet trust my body not to lie to me about what it thinks it wants (poor confused beast that it is), I think that whilst this continues to work I probably shouldn't beat myself around the head with figures all the time (see crap-at-counting comment above). If I begin to flag, lose energy, gain weight, or otherwise feel less marvellous that I currently do, I will have to abandon this theory...