I run all the time. I do HIIT once a week (1.25 mile warm-up, followed by 6-8 sprint intervals). I also do one long run a week, and now that I'm not training for a race, my long runs are around 8 miles. When I'm training for a race (either 10-miler or half marathon), my long runs are whatever the training program says they are. I also do one shorter run per week, about 5-6 miles. So three runs per week right now--one HIIT, one long, one shorter. I Crossfit the other four days. Before I started Crossfitting, I ran four times a week. We also run at Crossfit somtimes. The runs are either part of a WOD or 800-meter time trials. I think there are 200-m and 400-m sprints as well.