I have been increasingly aware of this sadness for a few years now, so I will ask the tribe.

Do you find that people just kind of pretend that nothing happened culturally between Kennedy's assassination and like, Reagan?

Me and the wife are called "hippies" by some friends and other people (I never encouraged this label). We like Janis Joplin and get high everyday and drop acid and dig protest songs and tie-dye and the Doors and colors and non-theistic omni-culturally spirituality and civil rights.

Now, growing up, I was led to believe that this was basically normal, and expected that people in my parents' generation would recognize and appreciate this continuity of their own counter-culture.

Instead though, I typically encounter total ignorance or outright hostility. It is literally like people are pretending none of that ever happened. Does this happen to you? Do you think that it is weird?