Hi! I’m very new to the primal lifestyle and I have a question about fats. I understand that they are an important part of this lifestyle and I want to make sure I am getting a good balance. I am concerned because I only eat fish & foul and truthfully – mostly foul. No mammals of any kind and as for fish - I have not yet located a reasonably reliable source for wild that is within my budget - so it's a rare occasion kind of thing. Therefore – what I do eat tends to be very lean. I have read different postings on this – some say animal fat is a must and others say lean is okay. Given my limited diet – what kinds of things would you all suggest adding in to keep a good balance? As of right now – I’ve focused on coconut oil, some extra-virgin olive oil, avocados, eggs, some nuts/nut butters (but these seem to upset my stomach if I eat on a regular basis) and I am definitely okay with dairy (I switched to grass-fed only butters and grass-fed cheeses and the occasional heavy-cream). Is this enough to keep a good balance?