Well, actually I have nothing against Starting Strength as a beginner routine since it obviously teaches sound principles by re-cycling similar ways of strength programming from the fifties and sixties. The Starting Strength religion is apparently a back to basic movement, so to say, after the bodybuilders of the seventies and eighties messed with the old truths! Starting Strength focusing on progress in the compound lifts and bulking up skinny teenage boys that also learn good lifting techniques is not really a bad thing, if you are new to lifting and in need of getting more meat on your body! So just drink the gallon of milk per day, and get under the bar and learn how to do the basic lifts and progress on them for a while when you are young and relative untrained and progress comes easy! And good tidings for everybody; as a beginner you can progress on most non-retarded strength programs and gain muscle and strength also on Starting Strength!

But to all those of you that think Starting Strength is the answer to all lifting goals and the fifth gospel, and that Rippetoe is the New Messiah and the coming of Christ and all that, I have this to say; maybe its now time to GET OFF the bandwagon before its too late and you seriously injury yourself by chasing strength numbers and pushing weights too heavy for your goals, when you are not really that interested in becoming a powerlifter anyway? Because if you are doing strength training for your sport, for bodybuilding or for general fitness there will be a diminishing return in exchange of the good looking lifting numbers, so dont forget to jump off the bandwagon before it crash