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Thread: Hi just starting!

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    Hi just starting!

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    Hi I have been Really into food/diet for about 5 yr. We went raw for a while did nourishing traditions. My son is very sen. to gluten and that's how I for Marks site! I have read the book and am on broad. I started at 310 pounds in Jan 2009 a month after my last son. I'm now at 230. I have Hypothyroid DX at 16. I use Raw thyroid not chemical meds and have for 5 yrs It has been amazing the change that made!
    So heres what I need help with~ How do you measure cal. and are there maybe some daily food plans to start this off? I also need help find the carb number in thing. I'm excited to be joining such a great group.

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    I should add we have been a raw milk family for7 year and get great grass fed meat weekly at our milk farm along with some raw chesse(for the kids not really the adults)

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    Can anyone help with the cal.? I don't eat stuff from packages so I am at a lose on how to figure it out. Same with the carbs!

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    Sorry, but I can't be much help. I don't count anything. Check out or

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