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Thread: Critique my business!

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    glad to hear that the change seems to be working.

    as for the creatine, what did you get? don't buy in to the hype of advertising. plain and simple creatine monohydrate is all you need. no need to load up on it either. maintenance dose is all it takes. be sure to keep hydrated. especially with the amount of cardio you do

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    AKG? It says on the bottle, but that's all the way in the kitchen, and I resolved not to get up until this song is over.

    I didn't really buy it- I get these vitacost boxes of clearance and sample shit with my order, and it was in there, a whole bottle, maybe 30 doses.

    Its amazing though- I always think that any hype is bullshit hype, so I always avoid popular shit and always doubt everything, but, it's legitimately devastating for my workout. I do maybe 20-30% more weight when I take it before lifting.
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    like others, a couple of things stick out with your workout....many ways to skin the workout cat though.

    the cardio, oh the cardio.... and the body splits, I've seen a few clients just get plain bored and burned out with that kind of work, and unless your a lycra pouch posing bodybuilder......!!!....(My take has always been that the body moves as a unit so its good to train it as such, although I have a huge respect for the dedication, discipline and knowledge the the bodybuilding community has)

    I'm a huge fan of training with heart rate monitors and there's one or two ways you can keep the heart rate in your required zones and minimize your gym time and at the same time keep your workouts fresh.

    First things first, heart rate, (I'll skip over this briefly), your heart doesn't know if you're running or not, it just knows its having to work to get more oxygen and nutrients to the working muscle.

    So that said, we can now see there are loads of ways we work our heart rate without cardiokill.....well ...

    for example, just last night, I did single arm sets of 10 left /10 right kettlebell swings, my heart rate maxed out at 165 towards the end of the session, when it got back to 132 (I wanted to stay above 132, I started all over again. Good compound full body strength exercise, . Did 18 sets of that about 20mins in total then out of there.

    How about complexes, one barbell, tough as hell, but again heart rate and fullbody taking a load all in one go..l noted you've got ligament damage, so until that heals, try complexes that just use upperbody movements, (assuming your stable to carry a load with both feet on ground, which I assume you will be if you can use elliptical and do other work)

    Just a suggestion for you to investigate, like I say many ways to skin the workout cat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    I'm not sure what "eating pretty well to lose weight" means. Does it mean that you are tracking your calories every day? Or are you adjusting for each minute of cardio you do, and adding in calories to compensate? Or are you just eating what feels like ought to be the right amount of food?

    If you're losing weight through manipulation of your diet, then why do you need so many hours of cardio? People lose weight through diet with zero hours of cardio.

    The fact is that doing lots of cardio will train your body to become more efficient at doing lots of cardio. The more cardio you do, the fewer calories you end up burning per unit.

    Your appetite is self-regulating. When you get more exercise, your body responds by making you hungrier in proportion to the extra calories you have burned.

    Real studies show that simply adding cardio has next to no effect on a person's weight or fat.
    Yep to this-I lost 4olbs with IF and SAD, and the only exercise I did was walking to the mail box. I did this on purpose, after reading so much about how exercise does not equal weight loss and in fact can cause it to stall. Taubes and a few others recommend walking for a good all over exercise.

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