Just to warn you - some graphic descriptions of doggie digestion gone haywire below! But would really appreciate some advice.

I'm a bit concerned about our dog. About five years ago he ate some out-of-date paté and spent two days puking and shitting blood (sorry tmi). His stomach has never really been the same, but in the last week something is going on with him. He keeps having "accidents" (puking, diahrriea) in the morning, and then yesterday when I took him for a walk and he was shitting blood...

He's in good spirits other than that, but he's getting old (just turned 10) and I'm concerned that something happening with him. My mum feeds him those granuales with chicken. She gave him beef the other day and she thinks that's what turned him. She said that any time she gives him something outside his regular diet it screws him up.

Any suggestions people have would be great I have no faith in our vet as the idiot knocked out a couple of the dog's teeth last time he was there (don't ask). Are there any alternatives to vets these days? Naturopaths for dogs? Ha!