I've been doing very well on Primal for the last couple of years - lost 65lbs, several dress sizes, also lost my hayfever, eczema and early arthritis problems, and generally felt fantastically well (even though I had stopped losing weight with quite a way to go - the usual plateau which, whilst annoying, was not frustrating me).

However, about 6 weeks ago I managed to injure my head (CT scan shows signs of brain injury, and will be seeing a neurologist about this) and since then have been all over the place with appetite, eating and cravings for bread, chocolate, etc. Most of the time I've managed to manage these (not all the time, it must be said, particularly with chocolate - bread is easier as I'm a coeliac!), but have really noticed that my eating habits have become disordered and I am more likely to stray from the Primal path. I asked my doctor whether this change in appetite, cravings, etc could be related to the head injury, and was given a blank look.

Given that I'm now not allowed to exercise other than walking until given the go-ahead by the neurologist I was wondering whether anyone here had any coping mechanisms or advice ... I really don't want to go off the rails with diet, as I had been feeling so much healthier, but there are times when the compulsion is such that I cannot fight it.