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Thread: Trying this lifestyle and not feeling good ????

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    Just for the record, you can get Chinese places to give you the dish steamed with any sauce on the side. Even my local take-out place does this readily. That avoids the awful oils they surely stir-fry in and the corn-starch-laden (and who knows what other awful ingredients) sauce. I often get garlic sauce on the side -- it's intense enough that I find that a few little dabs provide plenty of flavor.

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    If you're avoiding gluten, be careful about the Chinese food. Soy sauce usually has wheat in it and most of the sauces have soy sauce in them! You might be able to do ghee, which is casein-free (the protein dairy sensitive people react to).

    Also, be careful about the carbs being too much- that banana in your smoothie could be enough to give your body a source of glucose to run on and as long as you're providing sources of glucose like that, you won't switch to using fat as fuel and you'll prolong (or never quite get out of) the low carb flu! The reason you have a "flu" is simply because the body doesn't have a lot of sugar to run on but hasn't yet learned to run on fat (it's almost like it's running on "empty")- when you keep eating too many carbs, you prevent it from learning to use fat.

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    Thanks for the Chinese food info. I rarely eat Chinese, but was with my dad in another town so... I will keep those things in mind in the future.

    I have SADLY ditched the banana and am using frozen strawberries. Doesn't mask the diatomaceous earth as well, but I will live.

    Thanks for the help.

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