When I first joined Paleo, I went from 118 pounds to 116 in a matter of 3 days...this got me VERY excited (though I realize that it was water weight) so I stuck with the paleo diet for another month.
Then the weight gain happened.
The number of calories I ate was the same, but the macros were different.
I used to be a 90% vegan (whey protein shake after workout and occasional eggs) and I had a 50/35/15 (carb/protein/fat).
Most of my carbs came from fruit, vegetables, beans, and the occasional homemade whole wheat flat bread.
My protein came from tofu, eggs, whey protein and them beans.
My fat intake would come from the olive oil cooked in my meals or the occasional avocado or egg yolk.

Then I switched to the paleo diet which is 20/50/30. My meat intake has become significant and fats and my fruit intake way lower.
After the initial weight loss, I've gained weight. About 5 pounds in the last month even though my calorie intake has been the same.
Don't give me the "it's all muscle" thing all over because my clothes are getting tighter and my lifts have been the same.
Before paleo I would have a difficult time hitting my caloric intake because I was full all the time with lots of energy but with paleo, I have to be very careful to not go over my requirements.

I've decided to revert back to the old 50/35/15 way except I'm cutting out the whole wheat flat bread. I will try to go as raw as possible with my vegetable and fruits. I will cut all animal products except for the occasional egg and post workout whey. I will eat my bananas freely without the fear of carbs.
Even though Freelea is sort of a fact twister, I can't help but envy her body!
I joined paleo to lose extra fat but the opposite happened! ARGH!