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Thread: Oops! Losing muscle!

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    Oops! Losing muscle!

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    Hi Everyone,

    Ok, so I've been eating primally for about 5 months (though with a few slips here and there). I was doing a pilates class and an aqua aerobics class once a week but have had to stop them due to budgetary constraints! Having been fairly exercise phobic for most of my life, I haven't yet managed to get going on a suitable alternative to these classes.

    I've got these scales that measure fat and muscle percentage. Around the time I gave up the exercise classes I was at 40% fat and 52% muscle. I weighed last night and am still the same weight as the last weigh in (a few months ago now), but am 48% fat and 39% muscle - eeeek!

    I know that I need to sort my exercise regime, so will have to get back to the classes and reign in the spending in other areas. I'm also eating too much sugary stuff, so as of today, I'm on sugar cold turkey!

    My meals consist of lots of veggies, eggs, meat or fish and good fats like avocado and nuts. I use tallow to cook with when frying and eat natural yoghurt that is not low fat.

    Does anyone think there's anything else I should be doing or is the exercise and sugar the key?


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    ..... Those scales are really finicky in response to hydration levels. If your the least bit dehydrated or glycogen depleted verses the original weight in your gonna have a very unreliable reading.

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    I agree that those scales are unreliable at best. But I think they recommend that you weigh and take that reading in the morning when you get up, because so many things happen during the day that can affect the reading.

    If you're not doing an exercise program now and are short of money, you should start walking and look into doing bodyweight exercises.

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    Third the suggestion that the scales are junk. They're fine for establishing a trend in your body fat levels, but they're simply not accurate enough to do what you're trying to do with them.

    Second issue is that any time you lose a major amount of body fat, you'll lose some muscle mass too. Can't be avoided.

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    You might want to look into Mark Lauren's strength training program-he has two books, You Are Your Own Gym and his new one geared towards women, Body By You. I have Body By You and it was $16 at Barnes and Noble, and you need no other equipment. I've been doing it for a couple weeks now and already can see a difference-and it's only three days a week/30 minutes a time Otherwise walking is great-I'm doing about 30 miles a month right now, in 2 mile increments, and it's crazy the difference in how my jeans fit in the leg area, since I've started.

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