Getting all wound up and stressed out about what amounts to a miniscule amount of sugar and soy lecithin isn't going to help you out any.

I second eating more carbs to help with the sleep. Sweet potato fries for dinner last night had me sleeping like the dead for the first time all week.

If you feel like you're so stuffed you have to force yourself to eat, you may be eating too much, or the warm water you're drinking all day long might be taking up space. Isn't that the CW dieter's favourite hunger-busting trick?

The bloat could be anything. Are you expecting your period soon? Maybe you have a sensitivity to dairy and that cream in your coffee is causing issues.

As another poster long are we talking here for a 'stall'? Three days? Three weeks? As long as the long-term trend is downward and that's what you're aiming for, relax about it. Enjoy your food.