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Thread: Is this diet complete? (Newbie)

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    Question Is this diet complete? (Newbie)

    I was trying this new way of eating (and living and everything) and I was wondering if I was eating everything I could need, I'm 15 years old, so a restrictive diet is way more risky.

    Well, just tell me if I am missing something, thanks.

    Every day:
    2-3 rations of salad (with olive oil, lemon, crude onion, crude mushrooms and crude garlic)
    2 eggs (boiled)
    1-2 rations of almonds (without salt)
    2-3 rations of meat (grilled, mostly lean meat from cow, pig, chicken and turkey)
    1-2 rations of milk (cheese and sugar-free yoghurt included)
    ? rations of fish

    Am I missing something? Thanks
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