first i want to say im not on a 100% primal diet, i just try to incorporate a lot of it into my diet when i can (i travel a ton and just cannot eat 100% primal when im traveling, tried it and it hurt the performance of my job, i was just taking too much time and concentrating too much on sticking to it instead of what i should be concentrating on)
but i did make it about a month over the winter when i had a little break.

anyway's.. I just wanted to see what you think about my experience with some different diets ive tried.

awhile ago i tried a fruit and nut diet, where id eat only fruits and nuts from when i woke up till dinner, then for dinner id eat whatever i wanted, sometimes pretty healthy, sometimes pretty unhealthy. what i noticed on this diet was that i felt very energetic, i did it for maybe 8 days, and after day 3 or so i was waking up in the morning with lots of energy and had no energy fluctuations during the day. even when i ate crap for dinner id wake up with tons of energy, and managed to loose a little weight over those 8 days. i also found this diet pretty easy to do, i love fruit and nuts, and it always helped to know that i could eat whatever i wanted at dinner.

now when i went 100% primal for about a month, i lost more weight, (though i was on this diet a bit longer) but i also was eating a bit less in actual calories. i felt pretty good, but didnt have as much energy, sometimes felt like i needed a mid day nap, even when i wasnt low on overal calories.

so has anyone experienced a similar result? i feel like i personally feel and perform better on mostly fruit, and some nuts/veggies, limited meat and protein. rather than my primal diet, which was mostly eggs, and all sorts of meat, more veggies than fruit.