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Thread: why do dole banana dippers tastr better than ones i make myself?

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    why do dole banana dippers tastr better than ones i make myself?

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    Dark chocolate covered naners. These are ridiculously good and when I make my own with quality chocolate and such I never get the subtle sweetness and ultra velvety texture of the banana that these dole ones have.

    Good for a treat on the go though.

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    Banana (Banana, Ascorbic Acid added to promote color retention)
    Dark Chocolate ( Chocolate liquor (processed with alkali), sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (emulsifier), and vanilla extract)

    That's their ingredient list. I'd be willing to bet yours is shorter. And missing soy lecithin and a whole lot of sugar.

    ETA: On the page where I found that info, all of the comments were about how you should make them yourself because you shouldn't be eating all of that... wait for it...

    saturated fat.
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    Because, like all processed foods, every aspect of that chocolate-dipped banana has been engineered to be as appealing to your palate as possible.

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    If an ingredient is less than a certain amount they do not have to list it. It's possible there is some MSG or related flavor enhancers. It's also possible that your bananas aren't the at the proper ripeness or the chocolate you use doesn't have the right melting point to melt fast enough in your mouth to provide enough flavor.
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    Chocolate for dipping frozen fruit can be thinned down by the addition of more cocoa butter, some unsalted butter, or a little coconut oil. Chocolate shell actually has more oil in it to give it the texture you expect.

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    The answer is always more added sugar = better tasting processed foods. Taste engineers know what they're doing.
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