Ok- so I just started primal 2 weeks ago. I have hypothyroidism (i'm on meds) and I'm (usually) very active. I took more of a cold-turkey approach and switched to primal all at once and lowered by carbs to about 150g (from probably 250ish, i'm a runner). I expected to go through a carb-flu type thing, which I did- I had some blood sugar crashes that gradually got better, but my hypothyroid symptoms got worse. I feel freezing all of the time and my body temp is not breaking 98. Also, my muscles are very fatigued and not recovering well. I'm confused because I'm not even that low-carb! I really want to be primal but I don't want to just further ruin my thyroid.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Maybe I should add carbs back in and then decrease them more gradually?