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I tried cooking marrow bones in the slow cooker but I couldn't stand the smell so I chucked them. I don't know whether they went off before I cooked them or whether I just haven't become used to the smell.
Don't know. My flat mate complains of the smell when I cook them however I think they smell extremely appetising, I think it just depends on the person.

When you take the bone out after a few days do you eat the marrow from it or has the marrow become part of the soup?
Because it's become so soft the marrow just falls right out, occasionally a little probing helps the bits far into the bone. I even eat some of the bone too, it's good eating but can be very "chalky"

Since I have no oven do you think hearts could be cooked in the slow cooker?
I should imagine so, I think most things can be cooked in a slow cooker. Check the net for heart recipes I found a tonne.

Thank you. You may have just saved my poor student arse from spending all my savings on food.
Anything for a fellow student :]