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Thread: The 30 minute rule! AKA Nutrient timing page 2

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    The best way to handle PWO nutrition may be to simply try to get the majority of your daily carb intake eaten in the PWO meal. If I am aiming to eat 75g a day of carbs, I could make sure that my PWO meal contains at least 50g of carbs and then my next meal after that will have the rest. Sweet potatoes and fruit are the standard choices. Jay Robb makes a dried yam product that you can sprinkle on food or use in a smoothie for PWO. It's called Yammits. According to Robb Wolf, yams are preferable to fruit since fruit (fructose) preferentially restores liver glycogen rather than muscle glycogen. But there is no way I am going to cook yams more than once a week, so the Yammits are a decent substitute.

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    Thanks to everyone for giving me their advice on this topic

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    As others have said, unless you're pushing the limits of fitness, it won't matter too much. As long as you're getting protein PWO, it's fine.

    If you're a competitive bodybuilder, or olly lifter, it's a different story....but then you never would have started the thread if that was the case.

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    I have tried Fat + protein postworkout and I felt great. Right now im experiementing with Art's way. I am eating a full meal only an hour and a half or more later. To be honest, I feel just great. And, my bodycomp is changing positively.

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    These days I have been lifting, waiting 1-2 hours (ride home + cooking time), then eating protein and fats only. I feel good, and losing weight and my muscles are getting hard and dense. But my performance at the gym isn't the best... but I am cutting at the moment so the big weights will have to weight.
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