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Thread: I feel quite angry really so heres a rant

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    I feel quite angry really so heres a rant

    I feel quite angry really and taken in that this dietary information isn't more readily available.I have pancreatic diabetes which is a bit like type 1 and a bit like type 2. someday i produce some insulin, some days a lot and some days virtually none. As you can imagine its hard to control. when i was developing the cancer it became very hard to control ,even more so when I had the first surgery. So i took expert advice, saw a nutritionist
    (specialist in diabetes and hormonal disorders,nhs not a quack) and was given a plan which i stuck to... completely not a cheat in sight honestly.
    improvement you'd imagine... no. Blood sugar just as unstable and i gained 2lb a week. wasnt happy with that but wanted to get healthier so stuck with it. first review at 4 weeks -determined i wasnt eating enough - added in 2 snacks .1 midmorning 1 bedtimes. balanced carbs so they were identical every time i ate.blood sugar remained the same ,weight gain just over 2lbs a week. I was also hungry all the bloody time. Diet mainly carbs by this point. . Cancer came back in another place. 2nd surgery was dreadful. wound slow to heal and got infected. put on insulin but spent a lot of time on a glucose drip as blood sugar so low.gained weight. discharged myself. oncology surgeon unhappy , referred me to oncology nutritionist , looked at my diet .his 1st comment "wheres your protein?" still in the cow was my response. he determined my high carb diet based on flour was bad for my cancer and just as bad for my pancreas and oestrogen.recommended increasing protein decreasing carbs,.
    i found the less carbs i ate the less hungry i felt- how odd thinks me- found this site while researching this phenomena. 3rd sugery went much better ,good healing; no infection; glucose more stable. discussion with oncology nutritionist who said you dont actually need any processed carbs-ie bread,pasta,cereals, we just eat them because we like them and they're convenient.
    i asked him why his advice was so different. "Oh i work with the terminally ill and come across a lot of crackpot diets. i have to guide people to what their body needs so I can discuss unconvential diets and improve them without trashing someones beliefs"
    Im glad i saw this guy but why do you have to wait till you're dying. wouldn't it make more sense for the living?
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