I can't eat regular butter every day, so mostly I eat coconut oil. I've been interested in ghee. I got a jar at Whole Foods last year. I opened it and tasted it and was surprised that it tasted like shortbread cookies. I was actually worriedly trying to figure out if it had flour in it. I ended up never doing anything much with it. I was reading a blog a few days ago and ended up ordering a ghee from amazon that is supposed to be one of the very best. Got it. Tastes like shortbread cookies. I can't use this on anything. Eggs cooked in oil that tastes like shortbread are disgusting. The only thing I can use it on is popcorn, and I don't eat much of that at all. Is there something wrong with my tastebuds? I know what butter tastes like...I love butter and wish I could eat it more often. An egg cooked in butter is good. Ghee does not taste like butter. What is it you all love about ghee? This weird shortbread taste seems incompatible with almost everything we eat.