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Thread: Help me figure out why you like ghee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sefton View Post
    Gee, I don't know if I like it or not yet though I use it off and on for the past few months. The mention of "rank-ass" smell did a ring a bell with me when I have my doubts.

    ok @ OP: just making sure, have you actually tried cooking with it or are you extrapolating from the shortbready taste of it straight from the jar? if latter, maybe it will be different/better warm. if former, disregard my comment.

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    i don't like prepared ghee ,i think it tastes odd. its also more expensive than butter so i make my own.
    take 1 lb unsalted white butter (i use kerrygold). you can try it with just 1 pack if you want but a small volume is easier to burn
    Heat a deep (it froths), heavy-bottomed pan (thin pans burn things easier) on a medium flame and put the butter in it. Simmer and allow to melt and then cook. When a froth/ scum appears on the surface of the butter, spoon it off and dispose of it. Keep cooking till all the scum has risen and been removed.
    Allow to cool then you can filter it. i don't bother now. You can add a pinch of salt if you want but mix well. it lasts for months in the fridge

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    Oooh. I love ghee, but then it's part of my culture. There's a reason why my grandma's cooking beats everyone else's in richness and flavor, and that's because she never made the switch to vegetable oil when it got popular.

    Some tips:
    It should not smell rank/rancid or anything like that. It just smells like... err... buttery fat? Like a tub of lard or tallow or something. If it smells rancid then it wasn't properly made and still had milk solids left it in it, which in turn go sour/rancid.
    It doesn't taste great on its own because it's butter-fat without the milk solids, so we never use it "fresh" if that makes sense (so you don't "ghee" a toast) Ghee is basically a cooking fat. Think of it like you would of beef tallow or lard.

    My own opinion: it makes everything taste great (a little like butter) but has the benefit of not browning or burning like butter. It's best used when making stews, browning meats, and just general all-purpose cooking. It has mild buttery flavor and adds a fatty richness to food.
    It's especially delicious when you bake eggplants smothered in the stuff until golden brown, and then simmer them with sliced tomato and lamb to make a delicious stew. The traditional rice version is called makloubeh and you can use either chicken or lamb with it.

    Finally, ghee doesn't have huge flavor like butter. With butter you can just tons of butter, some salt, and you've got flavor. No so with ghee. Things will come out bland if you don't season them. It does add a nice fattiness and richness to the food, but you still have to add other things like seasonings to get flavor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qqemokitty View Post
    Ghee does not smell like cookies to me, maybe I'd like it more if it did!

    I'm in the camp of NOT liking how coconut permeates all my foods, since I am not a big fan of the flavor of coconut (though I do love the smell) so I cook almost exclusively with Kerrygold butter. I used to use ghee from whole foods, and while it is nice to cook with I much prefer the flavor of Kerrygold.

    My second favorite is olive oil, or whatever fat from the meat I am cooking, if available.
    i buy the expeller pressed coconut oil from Tropical Traditions to cook without the coconut flavor and still get the benefits of CO. It doesn't taste like coconut like the virgin CO does.

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    Butter chicken is what ghee is for. If you have never had it, it is a delicious Indian dish.
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