What does think like a peasant mean to me? Well it means being interested in things that are in my immediate vicinity as opposed to nationally or internationally; eat local, think local. I don't eat mass produced foods why should I consume mass produced news? Both have a toxic effect on me and are not designed for my benefit but rather to make some one some money. Mass produced news leaves me either feeling angry or depressed.

I already don't watch TV or read the paper (kind of like eliminating wheat) but I was listening to the local noncommercial radio station (NPR and Democracy Now, similar to GF grains) while I worked in the kitchen but now I'm going all the way and eliminating that too. Will I be completely ignorant of the world outside my little backwater town? No, I'll hear about things in the greater world through word of mouth, rumour if you will. At least then the person's bias will be clear in a rustic sort of way unlike the slick, honed propaganda of national media.

It's been a week since I've started this regime and I think I'm feeling slightly more calm and grounded. I don't know if I will be able to sustain this new way of thinking, only time will tell.