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Thread: I'm desperate for advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YogaBare View Post
    Are you drinking tap water by any chance? Depending on what part of the UK you're in, the tap water can be pretty ghastly and can definitely contribute to spots.

    Also, it's possible that you're over-hydrating. I agree with Zach about the tea: it won't hydrate you. Try drinking warm water with salt and lemon. Also, how's your body temp? If it's too low your body may not be hot enough to absorb the water that you're consuming and you just pee it out.

    Not trying to make you orthorexic about water now! Like I said before, I would aim for a really moderate approach diet-wise, including your water consumption: keep hydrated, but don't try to chug too much. Would be curios to see if it effects your circles or acne.

    You're really young and you'll bounce back. I think the most important thing is to work on having a healthier relationship with food. Did you read the article Neckhammer linked? I thought it was good.
    I drink pure filtered water both from the fridge dispenser and the BRITA kettle. Sometimes I drink mint tea to relieve bloating as it is a digestive aid...

    I tested my body temp a few months ago and I was around 1 degree under the normal 36.8C under the tongue. I know this is bad and most likely result of too low carb because my body is trying to reserve energy. This is also why I thought I always had cold hands and feet - 3 years ago I'm pretty sure I didn't need a heater 8/12months of the year to stop my feet feeling like ice blocks.

    I'll definetley cut down on the fluids. Today I have about one carton of fruit juice and one cup of tea. That's probably enough.

    I did read the article by Neckhammer and it's very much how I feel.

    "So what is a "problematic fixation" with eating healthy food? For some folks, it has a meaning similar to too much masturbation… someone who thinks about it or practices it more than you do. But like all psychiatric conditions the cardinal issue is that the obsession interferes with normal functioning or relationships or causes pathology, such as anxiety. If you don't have celiac disease or a serious gluten intolerance and going to a family party causes you great anxiety because you are worried that Uncle Brad cut the cucumbers with the same knife he used to slice the bread, you might have a problem."

    This is definitely me. I really do avoid situations where I can't control the food, like family BBQ's. I'm always exposed to this "low carb" paradigm which I've probably taken too far without realising that further restriction = less health ultimately. (I love how many nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals are in berry fruit juices!)

    I've cut out way too much food and food groups. For instance if I say "I eat vegetables" that excluded FODMAPS and nightshades which are a wide variety. Same with fruit although I'm really enjoying that now! Dairy hasn't been a part of my diet for about 4 years either. Last dairy I had was goats milk yoghurt which made me fee; "hungover" so to speak. This is why I now have a limited variety of food because I try things for a few days and then never eat them again.
    I'm going to try some goat cheese this week and see how that is. I also made some jello with great lakes gelatin and blueberries + fruit juice. I like that and might try cream/ice cream with it. Not "ideal" ice cream but still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nstocks View Post
    Haha, well it's a long english tradition to have tea and cakes in the afternoon, so I guess the tea thing is still a modern part of what people drink? I always though it was Italians and coffee!

    Dry foods? Dried fruit? Most fruit is high in water so I guess that isn't a 'dry food'?

    Is it advisable to keep taking NOW super enzymes (HCL200mg) at each meal as well as Biokult once a day whilst I try to improve my thyroid?
    Dry food would just he food with less water content. If you feel cold eat some potatoes or similar. Heavily salted.

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