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Thread: I'm desperate for advice.

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    I'm desperate for advice.


    I'm not sure where to start so I guess I'll just write out whatever comes to me first.

    I'm constantly bloated. I mean CONSTANTLY. After every meal, even after a glass of water I feel bloated. In bed, when I wake up, after going to the toilet, still bloated.

    I still suffer from mild acne (male, 22) and I've tried everything there is, except antibiotics. Don't get me wrong, my 'skin' is OK,but I have constant painful inflamed spots on my jawline and sometimes new my chin. Shaving with an electric razor makes no difference. my forehead and cheeks are 100% clear. I use sesame oil to cleanse and occasionally jojoba oil to moisturise. Nothing else, other than water has touched my face for over a year( other than occasionally honey and clay masks)

    I've hard dark under eye circles for about 5 years. Tried creams, facial massages and neti pot.

    I've definitely been on and off Paleo and sugar detoxes but none of these seem to make much difference than if I eat sweets for dinner. (which I don't do anymore!) I've haven't had grains for about 6 months, just some poor quality sweets/chocolate occasionally in the past.

    I have though, been 100% modified Paleo for the past 5 weeks. No FODMAPS, Eggs,Nuts, Nightshades, Pork, Dairy, limited greens.

    I've gone through all of the superfoods and now I take:
    Vitamin D sublingual 3000IU
    3-4 litres homemade bone broth (Organic grassed) per week
    400mg Magnesium at night for 2 months
    NOW foods super enzymes twice daily (with every meal, I don't eat breakfast so fast for 14-16 hours) for 6 weeks
    Brewer's Yeast 3-4 table spoons per week for 4 weeks
    Just recently stopped Green pastures FCLO butter blend having taken that for 14 months
    Probiotic: Sauerkraut everyday (the only FODMAP I eat) for 5 months
    Probiotic: Recently ran out of Prescript Assist (daily) and now take Bio Kult (once per day) - 2 weeks
    Epson salt baths 1 cup per week
    Dry body brush daily

    I drink a variety of herbal teas including ginger, liquorice, marshmallow, red clover leaf and a few other blends. 2-3 litres of filtered water but only when I'm thirsty, not for the sake of it.

    Sleep is between 23:00 and wake no earlier than 10:00 most of the time.
    Stress is fairly manageable which has helped with my cold hands and feet
    I only work part time so my job stress isn't really a factor
    I live with my family who eat only processed junk which is hard, not because I want some but because they don't share the same interests as me which makes me slightly lonely.
    Moderate stretch/yoga movement 90 minutes per week max
    30 minutes sunshine per week
    I've made sure that I'm deep breathing all of the time
    Toilet visits are most of the time daily, but what comes out is very minimal, hard dark stools most of the time.
    I also tried the low stomach acid test with baking soda and nothing happened at all.

    Plus all of the usual stuff, fish 4x per week. All organic grass fed meat. Organic produce. Probably eat 2 pieces of fruit per week. No more than 100g carbs on average per day. Just started to eat dark chocolate again and kale chips as snacks.

    I think that's it. I really don't know what to do anymore. I've been reading that L-glutamine helps a lot of people with SIBO/Bloating and skin problems but it's just more expense that may not work. I really don't think magnesium has made any difference for me.

    I also have very little money and cannot afford any tests. I visited my doctor twice in the past year with concerns and he didn't do anything. I had a full blood test 2 years ago and everything was fine in terms of vitamins and minerals. I'm 6'2" and weigh 150-155lbs. I gained about 10lbs when I started eating real food which I really needed.

    Any advice is appreciated. I just feel that I'm wasting my money on all of these high quality foods and supplements when I constantly feel like this. I know thats it's experimentation but it seems that is all I do and never achieve results.

    EDIT: I've also tracked/planned every meals or the past 14 weeks as well as recording which supplements I take, sun exposure, movement, sleep and feelings.
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