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Thread: Hi all from Murrieta Ca.

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    Hi all from Murrieta Ca.

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    Any fellow Primals in Temecula Murrieta Ca. area I am into week 2 and 4 pounds lighter, I am 42 years old and at about 12% bodyfat at 5'9" 180 lbs. I have always been into lifting wieghts so I am in excellent shape,but i could never get my abs to show but i can see a difference already just in 1 week of this new diet. I have always ate the supposed good carbs oatmeal,whole wheat bread pasta etc......but now realized this is why i could not get down to 8% bodyfat I am so excited now i am telling everyone about this diet and its so easy to do..... If anyone if from my area maybe we couls exchange ideas ... thanks all have a good one..
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    This is Gagan.

    I am from NJ i just an account on this forum

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