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    New, new, new, I'm new. Come say hi to me!

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    Hi all, I'm new can you tell?

    39-almost-40 year old. Never have truly committed to fitness though always semi-active in the past in terms of hiking on the weekend, playing with my kids, walking the dog. But doing that while eating McDonald's at least once a week, grilled cheese when I didn't feel like cooking and french toast or pancakes for breakfast. Still I'm very very lucky in my body type and metabolism - my heaviest (not counting pregnancy) was 135 at 5'2".

    I have been checking out Mark's Daily Apple for more than 6 months but decided to commit at the end of March. Did very low carb and intense calorie counting about a year ago and lost some weight but didn't get fit - and more importantly didn't sustain the loss or lifestyle.

    I can feel how different from low carb the PB is for me. This isn't about restriction and saying no - it is about saying yes yes YES to all the right things that will help me live better. Healthy protein, lots of veggies, being active in a deliberate and fun way, and best of all I don't have to feel guilty for not going running every day. I hate running. (Sprinting is awesome however.)

    My husband - 6'1" and 230 lbs - is joining me in the move towards PB living though he's not as excited as I am. I will continue to be encouraging and lovingly competitive with him (I tell him "I'm gonna be ripped before you are neener-neener"). And I do the cooking and shopping so he kinda has to go primal with me. We have started reporting to each other on all meals that we eat while apart, to create some accountability. And we had a breakthrough when we admited to a moment of weakness to each other recently: we admitted to an afternoon of guilt - 2 Oreos for me, 1/2 doughnut for him. I know I know! But this was actually not as bad as it could have been, considering our track record....remember the McDonalds?? (I find the treats and sweets at work to be the hardest issue. We purged our house of crap "food" but can't force everyone work to avoid bringing the crap.)

    I'm also keeping a food and fitness log - counting the calories and nutrients but just recording what I eat and drink instead of counting calories and the activity I do in the day is so simple but keeps me accountable.

    Anyway this is too long already but I'm so excited for the future and all of the options and choices living the PB will open up for me.

    tl;dr is "Hi, I'm here and fired up."

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    Hi Hedda Rosa! I love how excited and happy you are about going primal! It really is an exciting journey. Welcome to the forum

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    You will get more acustomed to the right and yummy food, then crap will not be temptation any more.

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    Hi, it is indeed exciting. All the best.

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    Hi HR, and good for you and hubby too for taking this journey. You will both find that it will be both beneficial healthwise and foodwise. Lot's of nutritious delicious foods out there. Good luck, and May the Grok be with you.
    Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!

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    Hello I'm even newer!

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