So, my husband had a doctor's visit last week for a physcial (it had been a couple of years) and got the results today.
Bad news: Basal cell carcinoma on his chest

Good news?: The doctor phoned in a prescription for him for Pravastatin.... but he isn't going to take it. His LDL is 293, HDL is 88, Triglycerides 58.... The LDL and Total Cholestrol was "High Risk", yet the HDL is "optimal" and all the ratios are "optimal" (okay, does THAT make any sense?) according to the calculator someone posted on here. My understanding is that the ratios and the Triglycerides are what matters, not the total. He has a good doctor, though. If he says he isn't going on statins, the doctor will say, okay, that's your decision. Besides, people in his family die of cancer, never heart disease....

So, no statins, but a procedure to remove the skin cancer on his chest. Sigh.