Hey everyone! My journey begins now at 10:32 p.m....I decided to download this application when I took a good long look at myself in the mirror this evening. All I saw was a witty, humorous, bubbly middle 20s girl - depressed about her body...(especially with summer around the corner.)

My doctor recommended Mark's Daily Apple and the Paleo diet to me when I found out that my body is very insulin resistant through blood work. I began to eat primal afterwards (two years ago) and was amazed with my 40lbs transformation in 2 months! After, a messy break-up...I got comfortable and let myself go, back to my original weight of 190lbs. And now here I am...a girl in the mirror...

My goal for the next three months is to get back down to a healthy 135lbs!! I need as much motivation as you can give me because believe me...it is TOUGH. But, I am bound to succeed!

Glad I can be apart of the forum and read what others have to say!
Thank you