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Thread: Calling All Aussies

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    Calling All Aussies

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    Hi All,

    Just thought I would let any aussies out there, that
    are wanting to buy organic coconut oil or vitamin D
    about this website. You can get the coconut oil in
    2 liters with free postage any where in Australia.

    I am in no way affiliated with this website, just thought you
    guys might like to buy in bulk, I just ordered mine, and because
    I live rural it is so much easier.

    So take a look and see what you think


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    This might be a useful thread for Aussie resources.

    I just found a low-carb gluten-free baker - not primal, but useful if you're trying to get family members onto lower carb/gluten free and for occasional treats. So far I've had their pumpkin bread, very nice toasted and freezes ok. A local shop stocks their products so you could possibly suggest them to your local grocer, or they may have a distributor near you.

    Anyone know a supplier of organic cream?

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    Thanks for that, It seems like the stuff i get, so i may go through them since it's free shipping in aussie

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    Barambah organics produce pure cream and other organic Dairy products

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