I know in general, fiber is not an issue for the paleo lifestyle. As far as general digestion there is plenty from the fruits and veggies and tubers. In Sara Gottfried's new book The Hormone Cure she recommends women get 35 - 45 grams of fiber per day from diet and medicinal supplement. Her reason is regarding excess estrogen. She says," more dietary fiber increases conjugation - that is, more fiber lowers estrogen levels in the body - and you poop and pee more estrogen out of your system."

She also says regarding PCOS, "Unless you have sufficient fiber to remove it, most testosterone is secreted into bile and then reabsorbed in the gut and used again. Fiber increases excretion of testosterone in the stool."

Both of these seem compelling for me since I have both Endo and PCOS.
Looking at the amount of fiber I get from greens, veggies and fruit I am not getting close to that amount so would need a supplement. Do you agree that this would be beneficial and if so, what kind of supplement would you recommend? gluten free rice bran, oat bran? Thanks for your thoughts on this.