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Thread: Alcohol Impact?

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    Interesting related article:

    Alcohol consumption does increase energy expenditure, but it also suppresses fat oxidation. However, carb consumption also suppresses fat oxidation although not to the same extent as alcohol consumption. All this means is that the body will burn alcohol and carbs before it burns fat. So, yes, you will not burn as much fat after you consume alcohol, but this means little, except that alcohol contains calories. Anything that contains calories will slow down fat loss if consumed because those calories will either be expended or stored (unless the calories are stored in a form that's indigestible by humans, like cellulose). The question is to what extent the increased energy expenditure induced by alcohol consumption cancels out the calories contained in the alcohol.

    Alcohol consumption also suppresses blood leptin levels. However, oddly enough, it had no real effect on the subjects' subjective feelings of satiety vs. hunger. I can tell you that alcohol always increases my appetite, and that is a bigger problem for me than the alcohol itself.
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    Your body prioritizes the metabolism of alcohol so guess what happens to other calories you ingest? Also slows metabolism. When I was a really skinny young adult the Dr said have a couple drinks before eating.

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    My usual Cuba Libre made on Bacardi Rum, Coke Zero and lime juice will give a much lower calorie impact than the same amount of calories in Bulletproof Coffee! That’s means that my metabolism will give me a calorie discount related to the thermogenic response of alcohol, so since one gram of alcohol contain 7,1 calorie, I receive a “celebration discount” so to say, and down to only 5,7 - 6,0 calorie per gram! One gram of fat on the other hand contains 9,0 calories and the max discount you can get from ingesting it is down to 8,73 calories or perhaps not even that! So my the same amount of calories in my Cuba Libre is better for weight loss than Bulletproof Coffee, at least if comparing the same amount of calories…

    Is Alcohol Your Weight Loss Kryptonite?

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