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Thread: Greetings from a Colorado senior!

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    Greetings from a Colorado senior!

    Greetings from Colorado! I'm a 65 y/o female who has struggled with weight issues my entire life, especially after the age of 30. 5'-6-1/2 inches tall. Blood type O+. My ideal weight is between 125-135 lbs. My weight has ranged from normal for my height, to slightly under that range, to 65-80 lbs. over. In good health and take no Rx drugs. Currently want to use the primal way of eating to get down into - or close to - my ideal weight range, especially because I'm in my 60's now, and let's face it, healthy eating plus a healthy lifestyle is even more important now.

    I've had no problem believing all the research that points to lowering carbs in order to achieve optimal health and fitness. Because I've worked in various aspects of the healthcare field, I notice what works and what doesn't seem to work for people. I've felt like a scientist observing - secretly - an experiment. An example is diabetics, many of whom eat lots of carbs, even what I'd call just plain "junk" food. Most are doing so because this is the 'old school' way of eating for diabetes. These poor people's health is in such a mess. They have serious cravings and can't get a handle on their blood sugar. They are also of the school that says "My doctor tells me what to do and I just do it. No questions asked. No thinking for myself. He's the doctor." Unbeknownst to me until recently, some docs - even in the city where I live - are now prescribing paleo/primal/low carb for their diabetic patients.

    My intuition has told me that if they would just cut out the junk carbs and eat well-balanced meals with adequate protein + some low carb colorful veggies + healthy fats, they would feel like a new person. The golden years are especially a time when we want to feel healthy and strong. Of course, I'm very careful that I don't mention any of this to my clients, because I'm not their healthcare provider, nor am I an MD. But I am concerned about our society and what appear to be blatant health issues directly relating to food. "Food is our most important drug." ~ Barry Sears.

    It has taken a whole new way of thinking for me to fully understand good carbs, bad carbs, junk carbs, grains, dairy, etc. We have been sold a phony bill of goods. Want to be healthy? Eat complex carbs! Eat grains, grains, and more grains. For someone like me, grains are literal poison. Blood tests show I'm gluten sensitive, BTW. Remember, I'm blood type O+. Many foods today that we've been told are healthy, aren't healthy at all. Right now, since being off plan and eating literally everything (truthfully? bingeing on junk foods), I have small sores on my body from the grains. When I get off grains, those sores will heal and go away as they have in the past.

    The albatross for me is junk carbs/snack foods. This includes so-called healthy grain based foods. They seem to call my name and once I hear their call, I'm off and running. Heroin, truly. Arrgh!

    The good news is that I've been reading Mark's Daily Apple for about a week, and find it to be one of the best, if not the best, resources around. And I've read them all, including all the books. The forum also seems to be a great resource. For 5 days have been eating a BAB or Big Assed Breakfast + IF - Intermittent Fasting - and it's been a huge success...much to my surprise. An open mind will get you everywhere, LOL! Will continue this on my Primal Blueprint Journal. I want to commit to this way of life and enjoy my Golden Years. May they be truly Golden.

    P.S. This is a long intro but wanted to mention key points that might resonate with someone else who has been struggling and can't seem to find a solution. This has been an usually long, sometimes painful struggle to find a solution.
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