Hello there,

I do not really like fish, so I eat it maybe once a week. For this reason, I would like to start taking omega 3 fish oil supplements, but I do not know where to start. What is the quantity I should be looking for in terms of EPA/DHA? I can't spend more than like CDN$30 per month for this at MAX. I saw Costco sells them through kirkland brand but a lot of review say the ratio epa/dha is low and I would need to take like 8 pills a day....not quite sure understand how this ratio works of epa/dha!

One of my concern is when I was maybe 15, I started taking them to higher my concentration level and all I had were fish burps and I wanted to puke...and i stopped taking them 2 weeks after starting. Is there a way to avoid this at all?

I am currently in the process of weight loss if it changes anything and I need to lower my triglycerides also.

Thank you for your input everybody. This is a great community!