Hi all,

I'm new to primal eating, Iv'e had no problems giving up bread, potatoes, and carbs in general as Iv'e never consumed them massively anyway, but I do have a few vices these being:


Dark Chocolate (80% cocoa and above)

Craft/Real Ales

Out of these I could probably pass up the coffee and the dark chocolate, but I absolutely adore my real ales, I don't drink them massively, maybe 1-2 pints of it a week in total, and I also very moderately consume red wine, but again this isn't a daily occurrence and by no means consistent. I'm only 24 so I'm hoping making these lifestyle changes early on in my life will still allow me the occasional vice but I have to confess I am still concerned about the negative effects these will have on my body and overall health/composition.

I suppose what I'm asking is, whether many primal eaters still consume some of the things Iv'e mentioned yet still see fantastic results or little difference to when they do not?

Thanks everyone