A while ago, I was bullshitting with someone about turducken, and taking it to it's logical conclusion. The conclusion that was reached was that if you start from quail or pigeon and rachet up to large game, say elk, bear or moose, you'd need to sous vide each before combining and finishing roasting it all together. The idea was intriguing, but kind've left alone for a while and forgot about it.

Then, earlier I caught on about bone luges, which just struck me as beyond epic. Which, somehow, brought me back to the idea. A festival (it'd need to be) with bone luge, offal, a variety of vegatable sides to match and all topped off with the largest meat-stuffed-with-meat-stuffed-with-meat abomination possible.

I'm hoping someone else has some ideas or interest in this, because it'd be a great idea both for an exclusive primal event, or for reaching out and introducing the broader community to the primal lifestyle. Unfortunately, I'm not great at organization or networking. Figured it'd be a good idea to kick this around on here before trying to reach out locally for assistance and starting up anything.